Perfect Swiss Replica Cartier Watches

At the beginning of the 20th century, the French label's success in fine watchmaking could be described as meteoric, with spectacular Bestiaire and High Jewellery being the best-known lines. Cartier became official supplier to many of the royal courts of Europe, which earned it the description of "jeweller of kings, and the king of jewellers", from the Prince of Wales. When the feline Jeanne Toussaint took over as creative director of the establishment in 1933, a wind of daring avant-gardism started to blow over Cartier's collections of timepieces. The company ceased to belong to the Cartier family in 1964, becoming a part of Swiss group Richemont SA.
Forerunner of Cartier's bracelet watches, the Santos model was designed especially for the aviator of the same name in 1904. Other keepers of time quickly inspired adulation, like the Turtles, with their exquisite animal forms, and the Tank, its imposing stature finding inspiration in military tanks. With a very evocative name, the Pasha was initially designed for Marrakesh's pasha, who was looking for a waterproof watch he could wear in his swimming pool. The Panther first appeared as a watch in 1983, a natural addition to the Parisian label's emblematic oeuvre. It was the turn of Cartier's Trinity series, the symbol of an era, to feature on watches adorned with the gold rings. The most recent creation, Ballon Bleu, is just as sought after, with its Sapphire hues, a subtle invitation to far-off lands.
So much more than magnificent accessories, Cartier watches are real masterpieces of noble innovation. Their rarity is matched only by the perfection of their finishings. This singular approach makes each timepiece a precious object of desire, as original as it is timeless.

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