Perfect Swiss Replica Chanel Watches

The Premiere was the first watch created in 1987 exclusively for women by Chanel. It was inspired by the octagonal shape of the N 5 bottle-stopper, which in turn was an interpretation of the Place Vendome shape, which is a monument in the heart of Paris.
The Premiere over the years has acquired diamond and pearl embellishments. The brand has introduced other high jewelry watches for women, in the form of Coco Chanels favorite flower, the camellia.
Code Coco watch is a sleek stainless steel and diamond piece that comes in three models with varying quantities of diamonds. With its thin and discrete rectangular watch face, the piece doubles as a loose bracelet, the kind that slips to the wrist when the arm drops down.
Chanel is a jewelry house that is not afraid to play with tradition, and the Boyfriend series of watches perfectly exemplifies this. The Boyfriend watch upholds the art of merging elements from the masculine and feminine wardrobe, which was key to the fashionable ideology of Mademoiselle Chanel. The Boyfriend watch also experiments with a range of colorful yet traditional tweed prints, as well as the Skeleton style face in intense black.

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