Perfect Swiss Replica Tudor Watches

15 years following the successful establishment of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf thought up one of his many brilliant ideas. He set out on establishing a watch with a lower price point that was comprised of the exact same quality as a luxury watch. The result: Wilsdorf registered the company name Tudor, reminiscent of the powerful Welsh royal family. Later, a symbol of the Tudor dynasty was established as the company logo an elegant rose.
Following the registration of the Tudor brand name, Wilsdorf waited another 20 years to establish a mature product range and strategic marketing plan to present to the general public. During his time, Wilsdorf was a marketing genius even though the professional field of marketing had not yet come into existence. In 1946, following the end of the Second World War, Wilsdorf presented the very first Tudor models to the world. The watches were characterised like Rolex by exceptional strength and a sporty design. In contrast to Rolex however, the movements of suppliers were used to power the timepieces. ETA, who is one of the leading Swiss manufacturers of calibres, supplies Tudor with watch movements to date. Thanks to this outsourcing, Tudor can offer their timepieces at modest prices and ensure an excellent level of quality.

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